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Baumgold Brothers’ Anniversary Diamond

May 23rd, 2013

Baumgold Brothers’ Anniversary Diamond

Cut by Baumgold Brothers (Baumgold Fine Jewelry) in 1951, this 65 carat pear shape originated from the Jagersfontein Mine. According to source, the rough weighed more than 200 carats. It was named to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Baumgold firm, and was sold to a private Canadian buyer after its exhibition in Toronto.

In the late 1800’s, Louis Baumgold immigrated to New York from Poland. He was a young teen and had been told by his parents to follow the most well dressed man he saw on the street and ask to apprentice with him. The man he chose to apprentice with was a jeweler and diamond cutter. After several years, young Louis had learnt his trade, saved money, and sent home for his father to join him in New York. His father, I.M. Baumgold, also learned the diamond business and became a very successful diamond cutter. In 1900, I.M. and his sons Louis and Jack opened a diamond cutting factory called Baumgold Brothers. That firm grew into a leading American diamond importing and cutting company.

In 1927, after graduating from Columbia University, Joseph Baumgold, Louis’ son, joined the firm and brought it firmly into the Twentieth Century. In 1938, Baumgold diamond cutters developed a new art in diamond cutting by polishing the edge, or girdle, of the diamond. For diamonds polished by this method, Joe Baumgold created the trademark “Circle of Light,” described as the first trademark ever used to market diamonds. In 1965, Joe Baumgold became the first American to serve as president of the International Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association. He was also a former president of the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America.

Many of the world’s most famous diamonds have been owned, cut and sold by the Baumgolds. Included in these treasures are the Earth Star (111.59 carat), thought to be the largest fancy brown diamond in the world, and the Flaming Star (18.52 carat E Color, Flawless) thought to be unique because in normal light it is the finest white color but under ultraviolet light it glows a very intense and brilliant orange. Both of these diamonds have been on display at the American Museum of Natural History. The Baumgolds also cut, designed and sold the Victoria Transvaal Diamond (69.89 carat.) which is on display in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian.

In 1968, Joe’s son, Buzz Baumgold, graduated from Columbia and joined his father in business. Buzz was the consummate salesman and grew the business to include the first American Express diamond sales promotion. After closing the factory, Buzz Baumgold changed directions slightly and became a Fifth Avenue private jeweler specializing in diamonds, colored stones, estate jewelry and custom design. In 2000, Buzz was joined by his son, Nick Baumgold, a Lehigh University graduate, who is extremely proud to be a Fifth Generation Baumgold in the fine gem and jewelry business. For over 110 years, the Baumgold name has been associated with luxury, excellence and quality.

Today, Baumgold Fine Jewelry is dedicated to providing its customers with exactly what they desire, from fine diamond solitaires (especially engagement and occasion rings), to exquisite colored stones, to unique vintage jewelry and stunning custom designs. It is a matter of pride that all customers receive exactly the same expert and personal service regardless of the budget. Because of this dedication to excellence, Baumgold Fine Jewelry is proud to be the private jeweler to many accomplished men and women including global superstars of business, sports, music, film and television.


Baumgold Fine Jewelry

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