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The Hornby Diamond

May 1st, 2013

The Hornby Diamond

Another gem of a diamond unknown to modern history is the Hornby Diamond— possibly to be found in Teheran.

The Hornby Diamond was originally brought from the East Indies by the Honorable William Hornby, governor of Bombay in 1775 and was estimated to weigh around 36 carat.

Nothing further is known of this stone, no mention of which occurs in any writer subsequent to the time.


It is believed to be stashed away somewhere in Teheran, which brings me to today’s featured image which has nothing to do with diamonds.

Teen Princess 1968, 45 years ago. Israel – Iran – Venezuela

It was posted by Israel Loves Iran, an exciting grassroots campaign which connects people from Israel (and the rest of the world) with Iran.

Read more about the campaign that has been making headline all over the Internet.


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