Jul 23rd, 2013

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The 6.57 carat Saukville diamond was found by Conrad Schaefer on his farm near Saukville, Wisconsin in 1881. Conrad kept the stone for 15 years before learing that it was a diamond. The last recorded owner of the stone was Bunde & Upmeyer of Milwauke. What little we know about  is that Bunde & Upmeyer was founded in the 1880′s and was the one of the premiere jewelers in Milwaukee at the turn of the previous century. It was the largest jewelry retailer in the state, and had an office in New York City dealing only in fresh water pearls found in the rivers of Wisconsin. It was run by Louis W. Bunde (1858-1936) who also ran a dental laboratory and a stationery business and subsequently sold to Felix Birr Engraving in 1959.


Notable Diamonds of the World

Felix Birr Engraving

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