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Jun 21st


When it’s a little too rough…

From time to time, we receive rough diamonds that we cannot do anything with- unless there’s a huge demand for I2’s and I3’s that we don’t know about. There are best set in jewelry as is- and leave the color and inclusions to the imagination. Don’t get me wrong, we can still get an AGS […]

Mar 30th


Facet Definition

Every facet on a diamond fulfills a specific function. The crown facets are the ‘windows’ of the diamond which let light enter and exit a diamond. The pavilion facets are the ‘work horses’ that reflect light back through the crown facets. It is important that facets be placed in the correct positions and on the correct […]

Jan 17th


Turning Damaged Inventory Into Profits

If you don’t have a relationship with a diamond cutter (someone who actually cuts diamonds), chances are you’re missing out on countless opportunities to realize additional revenue for your business. Hidden in your safe or stashed away at the back of your drawer are the lesser diamonds, which you’ve taken in over the years. They […]

Sep 8th


From Princess to Cinderella – How to Cut a Princess Diamond

One of the things we have discovered after serving the jewelry industry for many years through our dedicated diamond re-cut and repair service is that Princesses form a disproportionate percentage of repairs. It is also the most abused and butchered of all diamond shapes. Over the years I have seen it all.   Read the […]

Aug 3rd


Summa Jewelers, Sirius Star and Sholdt

When you receive a call for a 2ct+ Cushion-shaped Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond® from Summa Jewelers– your heart skips a beat! This spectacular 2.55ct G SI2 in a Sholdt mounting customized by Summa Jewelers is an exceptional piece- sure to turn heads! Congratulations and thank you! ‪#‎KnowYourJeweler‬ ‪#‎KnowYourCutter‬ AGS Laboratories ‪#‎ThankYou‬ ‪#‎SiriusStarDiamond‬  

Jul 26th


Are you Being Fooled About True Body Color?

Some years back my company received a ‘natural fancy yellow’ diamond which was a poorly cut cushion shape (to say the least). The request from our customer was that we re-cut this into a properly proportioned cushion. The copy of the grading report stated that it was a natural fancy yellow. I called our customer […]

Jul 6th


Understanding Light Leakage in Diamonds

There are a plethora of images on websites, and printed material to show the evils of flat or steep diamonds, but are they a correct rendering of what really happens to light in a diamond? Let us put them to the test. We are going to use computer modeling to show how light returns or leaks out […]

May 27th


Sirius Star® rising in the Gulf States

Master Diamond Cutters is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with Royal Investments KSA and Diamond Trading Organization (RIKSA) to market and distribute Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond® in the Gulf States. Under this exclusive agreement, RIKSA will start distributing Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond® in select cities through the Middle East, closely […]

May 24th



The Esperanza Diamond will be on display at JCK Las Vegas as part of a collaboration between award-winning jewelry designers The Inspired Collection and master diamond cutters Master Diamond Cutters. Specialist jewelry designers The Inspired Collection and master diamond cutters Master Diamond Cutters have announced they will be displaying the historic Esperanza diamond pendant at […]

Apr 7th


Esperanza in Chicago

Historic 8.52-Carat “Esperanza Diamond” Featured At The Smart Jewelry Show Displayed with R. Harder Gallery Collection from Jewelers Mutual The Smart Jewelry Show announced that they will be hosting the historic Esperanza Diamond in Chicago, Illinois—her last public appearance in North America. The one-of-a-kind diamond will be on display with other pieces which are part […]

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